Ditch Cars Brief


You have been approached by the Local Authority to convince the local population to cycle more and use the car less.


Tyre Prints

1.I would place large tyre prints onto cars to show what they’re doing to the environment and then compare them with bike tyres.

2. Tyre prints of cars preferably 4×4’s and bikes on a world map to show parents in 4×4’s what they’re doing to the environment and there children’s future.

3.Taking photos of people pretending they’re riding the bike lane bike and create a website that could include the photos with peoples experiences on bikes etc.

I chose to carry on with the tyre prints over car idea. I made my own tyre prints using a bike and car tyre and rolling them onto paper. They came out well and I decided to scan them in and place them onto cars this didn’t work too well as I rushed the images on photoshop so i decided to photocopy them onto accetate, place them on cars and take photos of them to show their diversity.



If I would do this brief again I would play around more with my ideas. I was too busy thinking about one idea, which I never ended up doing anything with anyway. I feel like I could of gone further with my idea with the tyre prints. All I’ve done is put tyre prints on my car it doesn’t show the idea at it’s best. Maybe if I had it on flyer’s to put on cars when they’re parked outside schools or put a sticker of the print across the windscreen with perhaps a web address. There needs to be more to the campaign., I took too much time on my ideas instead of playing around with them. The typography workshop we did I really enjoyed learning that you can create your type ideas on paper then create the idea on illustrator but I think my ruffs look more interesting. The only thing was, was that I never really did any type for the campaign I would have liked to make the carbon tyre footprints and put them on cars on school runs too see how they’d react to it. I think I worried about having two briefs going at the same time, I know it’ll happen in the industry. I need to sort out my time management.


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