Free Love Brief


Free culture is everywhere. business is currently offering lots of ways you can sign up for something for FREE.

  • Free Phones
  • Free Subscriptions
  • Free Airline Seats
  • Free Software
  • Free Music

However its your task to promote LOVE. For Free.

There are no brand guidelines

There is no background

There is no defined target audience

There is a creative requirement. Its simple.Have fun. Spread Love

This was a team based brief, I was in a team of three myself, Lucy and Sean.

We looked at Love slogans such as

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve
  • She loves me she loves me not
  • Love is blind
  • All you need is love

We created several ideas to go with these slogans but never selected them to go any further.

Jammie Dodgers

I bought a pack of mini Jammie dodgers and made a type face out of them and captured people taking them. I believed this was the stronger idea out of everything we’d done. So I thought about giving out the Jammie dodger as a keep sake. So out of fimo Plasticine we made Jammie dodger badges these were then pinned up on the notice board at uni in a typeface. In about an hour of them being pinned up they had gone, i enjoyed seeing people wearing something i had made and checking back every so often to see how many had gone.

jammie dodger badgen705755191_5188470_57261



During the first week all three of us were in Uni working on our ideas together but in the last week for different reasons I only saw both Lucy and Sean once before we gave out our free love Jammie dodger badges. we knew we were going to be making a hand make keepsake for our free love. When Adam came too see the group I was the only person present the time and he liked my Jammie dodger type face idea that id done earlier so I decided to carry on with that idea and play around with it. Because no one was there to discuss it with I decided to take it on board and keep the idea going without Lucy and Sean consent because of them not being there. Lucy and me kept in contact throughout being unwell but I never got in contact with  he wasn’t in and and he never got hold of me either. I should of pushed it a bit more. Our lack of communication didn’t help at all.I should of let them no my idea even though they weren’t present. If I could do it again I would take the jammy dodgers into a larger scale andlocation. My research I did was poor compared to the other stages of the brief I didn’t spend a lot of time researching anything I was too busy with ideas and concepts. I would of liked to experiment more with our ideas like the stamp idea. If I was good with action script I would have loved to create a stamp if you love them application for something like facebook. I enjoyed playing around with typography during the brief. The Jammie dodger badges were fun to make and to watch peoples reactions when they took them and wore them. It felt good to see that they wanted to wear them. Lack of communication didn’t help us but the end conclusion worked and I enjoyed doing it. When i work in a group again more group meetings and communication will be needed to succeed.


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