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The Little Book Of Silver Cross

The little book of silver cross

In The Little Book of Silver Cross you’ll find everything you need to know about silver cross prams & pushchairs, their combinations, car seats and Home Collection. You’ll find all the facts, figures, numbers, dimensions, heights, widths, lengths, diameters, circumferences, pictures, colours, textures, fabrics, close-ups, nitty-gritty, bits and pieces, odds and ends. It’s all here.

The Little Book of Silver Cross has also been designed to give you a few helpful starting points on what will be a very long, exciting, sleepless, terrifying, impossible, brilliant, beautiful and rewarding journey. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but we at Silver Cross hope to help smooth out some of the bumps for you.

the little book of silver cross
The new silver cross brochure has been well received in design circles by featuring in the creative review annual 2008. It’s the first time love has reached the pages of the creative review annual.

Personally I wouldn’t class this as a brochure but as a book. It looks special with it’s glittering typeface and large imagery. The two pages that I really like is the top 50 girl and boys baby names, it’s simple but striking the pencils stand out against the white background there’s little text but the quirky paragraph suits the design of the page. The second page I really like is the page with different sized fruit on it showing parents to be what size their baby is at certain times to the pregnancy. It’s fun and quirky. Parents to be will enjoy checking back to the page every month to see how big their baby is. The chart is called foetus to fruit and I think it’s really effective.



I have ordered this brochure off the silver cross website so I can look at the other pages  as I was unable to find most of them. It will be good use of reference for love creative.


The Manchester-based agency, which has been working with the client since 2006, was commissioned by the brand to redesign the packaging for its prams and pushchair ranges.


Love’s response was to try and capture – and at the same time encourage – the joy and creativity that children discover when confronted by a big piece of cardboard that they can clamber inside, or perhaps transform into a a space rocket.

The result, according to the Silver Cross Blogg, is “some very smart designs” that “get our products to you in pristine condition… (before) the children on the boxes show your little ones just what can be done with an empty box. Hours of fun.”


Children have always been more interested with playing with the box than whats in it so I think these are perfect. I remember as a child sitting in boxes and being dragged around. It just shows how much fun you can have with a box. The angle the images are placed are effective and life like. Even though the packaging is plain and simple with little colour I believe that it’s such a strong piece of packaging. The black and white images work really well and probably wouldn’t have been as effective in colour. It’s such a simple piece of packaging but such a strong piece of design at the same time. The four bright colours standout against the white background they show the categories/types of each pram/pushchair etc.




 The Brief was too combine print and digital expertise support BBC radio 3’s “composers of the year launch party.”

Love’s idea was classical excellence for a modern audience.

I believe this has been achieved they have taken the composers out of their environment and making them look modern by bringing pop art and classical music together.  There’s a strong resemblance to the work of Roy Lichtenstein who’s style I really like which made this piece of work stand out whilst looking through Love’s clients.

Love wanted to give classical music a modern audience which is very similar to what my brief at the moment is about called Sound and Image, I have been asked to create something that will entice people aged 15-29 to come and see the Philharmonic Orchestra in Liverpool.

Year Of Food And Farming

The brief was too talk to children about nutrition and food provenance without boring them to tears.


Love’s idea was too create a graphic identity that took different foodstuffs and turn them into fun, loveable characters that kids could identify with.




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