Caia Park

For professional practice I have been working on a project about caia park a run down area of Wrexham which has a reputation that needs improving. I have been working with fellow graphic designers, illustrators, fine artists and photographer. We have visited 3 primary schools in the area these were St Annes, Gwenfro and Hafod y Wern.

The project is to work with with pupils from years 5 and 6 to reduce criminal damage in the area. We have asked them to draw pictures of what they would like in there area and we are going to create vinyl maps for each school with their images on it.

Last week we spent an hour with each school to discuss what they didn’t like in their area and what they would change it too. They had a lot of ideas which they drew on large pieces of paper, they worked in groups of about 8 and them interacting with each other was good to see as well as their ability to draw and their creativeness.The ideas were from things such as needle bins and dog toilets to roller-coasters and giant trampolines.

Ideas such as:

  • Parks-slides,trampoline,fountain,tree house,climbing frame and big only areas.
  • zoo
  • Horses
  • football pitches
  • PlayStation clubs
  • swimming pool and water-slide
  • Play centre
  • Skate park
  • bmx parks
  • cinema
  • climbing walls
  • castle
  • tennis court
  • cake shop
  • Pet shop
  • police
  • bins
  • golf course
  • theme park
  • rugby pitch
  • needle bins
  • ice cream shop

Initial Ideas

We then went back to uni and drew out maps for each school and also analysed the images.

The following week we spent a whole day at each school. I t was hard work and I have total respect for what teachers do. We structured the days out so that we had half of the group with us in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. We believed it was just about the right amount of time too. We began the day by explaining what we were going to do and then set them off drawing what they would like. We also had a laptop running with a graphics tablet and got them drawing on that too. They were better than I am. We had newspapers and magazines to stimulate their ideas aswell as some bringing their own visuals. I sat down with the pupils to interact with them at their level and doodled away to help them visualise what things looked like. After an hour or so we got them to draw their favourite picture onto a A6 piece of paper and also another piece of paper was handed out and they were asked to write their names. These two images would most probably be used on the vinyl map. After they’d done that we got them one by one to place their image onto the map we drew where they wanted it. 

Here are a few final drawings the children put onto the map.


The next stage was getting onto illustrator to make the image vinyl suitable. I thought this would take longer than expected but when using live trace it worked quite well and took minuets to do.

Final Maps





















Here are a few photos Alison took when we were at St Annes School.





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