Whilst in London I went to the 4 Designers talks in Leicester Square. It was my second visit to 4 Designers and I believe this years talks were a lot more worth while and interesting compared to the year before. I believe I have become a lot more interested in designers work and have the time and interest to take it all in.

Monday morning we had Martin Grothmaak from Projekt Triangle and Francis Jackson from OPX.

Tuesday we had Laura Woodroffe from the D&AD, Adrian Shaughnessy who wrote ‘How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul and Andrew Shoben from Greyworld. The person who was introducing and interviewing these people was Patrick Baglee from Navyblue.

Projekt Triangle – Martin Grothmaak. www.projekttriangle.com

  • Interaction Design
  • Information Design
  • Contemporary Graphic Design

Hugo Boss Orange











































































Holzmedia Look book

The Holzmedia Look book_2.0 is dedicated to the theme of “Simplicity/ Einfachheit”, which is an important component of the Holzmedia philosophy. Set within art work and texts on the subject of simplicity by 20 artists and writers, as well as the “making-of”, which gives a
first-hand look at the world of Holzmedia from production to installation, the middle of the book presents the “Heart of Holzmedia”. The heart contains a list of all Holzmedia services and areas of expertise, as well as a list of all materials used. New references and fold out models show the extended product range.
The special size, the saddle stitch binding holding 117 pages, the use of four different types of paper on the inside as well as 198g Satogami paper from Japan for the covers make the Look book_2.0 one-of-a-kind and distinguish it from its predecessor, the Look book_1.0.


































Kieler Woche

























Hugo Boss Corporate Identity Birthday Card














Waldcafe Corporate Identity




































































OPX – Francis Jackson

“OPX is a graphic design studio creating intelligent and effective communications in print, on-line and three dimensions. All clients, large or small, cultural or multi-national work with us to create work with beauty and impact.”


Andrew Shoben

Professor of Public Art.

Designed for public spaces.

Group of artists that create installations, usually in urban spaces.

In 1993, Andrew founded Greyworld in Paris.











Here are tuned railings designed by Greyworld when you hit them with something they  create a tune. Greyworld ideas are well suited to the Philharmonic Brief I’ve been doing, they look at the environment around them and used things that are already there but they put a spark to it. 

“As a definition of Greyworld’s work I think the tuning of ordinary railings is pretty close to what I want it to be.”

“Its still a set of railings, and you articulate public spaces, allowing some form of self-expression in areas of the city that people see every day but normally exclude and ignore.”


 In 2000 in dublin they took the Millennium Bridge and carpeted it.Embedded into the carpet were hundreds of tiny sensors that translated the motion of people crossing the bridge into a vibrant soundscape. One moment it sounded as if people were walking through crunchy snow, the next that they were sploshing through water, or walking across fallen leaves. 

    I would love to have gone on this bridge the noises of nature contrasting with the surroundings of the city sounds strange but works. 



 Bins and Benches

A permanent installation for a public square in Cambridge, UK. It features a group of animated street furniture that roam free, like buffalo, in the urban savannah of their square. When it rains the benches seek shelter under the nearby trees, inviting people to sit on them. As the temperature drops the bins start to shiver and when the sun shines the bins and benches break into song, singing in tight barbershop harmonies. Above all the bins and benches are still functional pieces of street furniture waiting for people to come and sit on them or deposit rubbish in their lids.













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