Kleenex Ads

We have been put into groups to look at a YCN brief from this years competition. We decided to look at the Kleenex brief that wanted to get men 15-29 to use and buy Kleenex.

 Whilst on the train coming to Uni I found this in the metro newspaper. One one side of the double page spread is the swine flu advert the other is a advert for kleenex anti viral kleenex. A perfect way to advertise the two things without wasting a whole page advertising it. The two relate to one another what with the Swine Flu epidemic across the globe and the fact that they kill cold and flu viruses help sell the tissues.  They mirror one another. Showing that it kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses the 99.9% is in a larger point size than the rest of the text.



Looking at getting mens attention Rachel gave me this that her brother was sent by the RAF recruitment. It is a leaflet with a condom attached to it, the type read, “Contents individual protection equipment or emergency water carrier .” on the envelope and when you open it it says, “Apply to weapon when on manoeuvres, Place in sock and fill with water to create emergency water carrier.” These phrases are something you wouldn’t normally relate with the use of a condom.  On the back of the leaflet is a description of when someone used a condom to protect a burn on a soldiers hand. It is in a hand written font to make it sound and look more personal as if the soldier is writing to the possible new recruit. Below this is a bullet pointed list of what the military use  a condom for which completley takes sex out of the agenda, and you become interested by the information provided as you to visualise how it would work.


Kleenex Kitchen Tissue





















































Because I had an idea about kleenex and absorption these adverts by JWT Beijing for Kleenex kitchen tissues are a good example. The images have no text but you can tell what it means that the kitchen roll is good at absorbing liquid. It shows different liquids being poured onto the tissue and the image on the tissue is the thing it would normally get poured onto or into. It’s a good way to show absorption and is very legible even without text. It looks like it was fun to create using liquids such as coffee and olive oil to create illustrations.


 These were designed by JWT Australia it’s a humorous advertisement where women are moaning about men not putting a new toilet roll on the holder. 

It shows different bathroom walls with a toilet roll that is empty on it. The bathrooms, toilet roll holders and typography are all different for each poster. It is taking everyday situations what women moan to men about and put it into the situation.





































Here is a ad for Nazol nasal spray that I found on adsoftheworld.com

The advertisement looks as if it’s printed on tissue paper which could be recycled to blow your nose.



Mens Beauty Advertisements








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