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Creative Futures Week

JP Creative

The first talk I went to was by Paul Roberts he helped you realise what the design industry is like and how you need to stand out to get noticed. He told us to learn about the agencies your applying for and relate your work to the designer. To get their attention perhaps find a novel creative mailer to send to agencies. He advised us to get experience and have a quality portfolio. The shift of design is going to digital so experience with web design is essential. Also bullet pointed what you should or might be asked in an interview such as What interests you about the company and why should we hire you?

This was a very helpful insight into applying for jobs and getting noticed in the design industry.

The next talk I went to was Gareth a ex student from the art school who had been in the design industry for a few months, it was great to learn from him what it’s like the first year out of university. He also gave great tips on how to get noticed and gave us a list of design blogs that I found interesting.

I then went to a talk by Steve Rooke who has worked for various companies such as J Walter Thompson. He explained the key points he wished he’d been told before going into the industry. Work is always feast or famine you always get too much or too little. Don’t be too precious about your work. Ask questions about the brief you are given.


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