Along Came Baby

21st May 2009 I applied for a placement with go wales here is the information about the application.

Along Came Baby Ltd is seeking a graduate or student from a Graphic Design related degree.  The project for this placement is to apply their creative flair to a small but dynamic company and push forward the product image by creating a database.  The database will hold the product and marketing images for the use on the company’s website and print catalogue.  The candidate must be creative and be able to apply ideas into new and exciting projects.

Who the placement is with?

Along Came Baby Ltd is based in Wrexham and specialises in various baby products to sell and meet clients needs.  Most of their sales are generated through their website and printed catalogues.  


What will you be doing?

This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for a creative individual; you will be able to apply your design skills to an interesting project.  The project will involve the use of product images and to create a database of product and marketing images.  To be able to then use this database of images to link into the company’s website and printed catalogue.  Whilst also organising data and creating new images to emphasize the product range for the business.

  • Expected Outcomes Outcome:
    At the end of the placement, you will have used your creative skills in bringing together the use of a database of images pushing forward the products. The project will have given you experience and a portfolio of which you will be able to use for future jobs. You would have improved your skills and be able to demonstrate experience of working within a team. Also, you would have gained a good insight in a business environment.
  • Other Requirements

Other Skills:

Adobe Photoshop, Ms Word, PowerPoint, Outlook general IT skills needed.  You will to be approachable, be able to work in a team and own your own initiative. 

I received feedback off the go wales team saying that my CV wasn’t strong enough to pass on to the company, i had tried to make it more aesthetic instead of my skills. Si I redesigned my CV and it was accepted. I received an email to go for an interview but I was on holiday. Luckily as soon as I got back I was offered an interview. I dressed formally and arrived on time to the interview. I thought that it had gone really well my experience in retail was a bonus. I was then given a brief to do it was a postcard to put in the catalogue with offers on.

I went for the blue and pink colours from the along came baby logo. I was going to use the colours of the bright products but went with the safer route.


I believe I didn’t spend a lot of time on this project I was working at the time and only spent a few hours on the project. I should have thought about it before going onto screen.


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