D&AD 2009

Tuesday 30th June

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to the d&ad exhibition. The size and content was a surprise. Each University had an area to showcase their work; some had a few rooms others only one. Students’ work was exhibited on the walls and on tables, which included portfolios. Business cards were either on tables, or next to designers work, it was a bit easier to get it from next to their as you didn’t have to root through 20+ cards to find the one you wanted. Students took it in turns to stay in their station, some designers asked if we had and questions etc where others just sat or stud and watched.

Some Universities had books made of their work and were a good way to advertise their work that wasn’t being showcased. It may not be a business card but his or her work and contact details for every graduate was in the book. This is something I believe we need to do next year. The quality of the books was very good. Northumbria University’s book was definitely the most creative it had a carry handle to it and had a white gloss typeface across the cover, with a bright orange neon sticker. Blackpool University went a little further and gave out rock with the dates of the exhibition on and each designer had a note book with one of their designs on the cover. Other universities made packs of postcards to give out they would be bounded together some how and have a postcard for each designer to exhibit their work and information.   Uni made their work into a stamp book which you peeled off the designers work and match it with the right image, this made you look at every single persons work that is in that book, unlike at an exhibit where you would just walk past it. The books are tiny but fun to do.

One thing that stuck out a mile when looking at people’s business cards was that at least half of the people their didn’t have a website or didn’t have their Website on their business cards. I BELIEVE THIS IS A MUST SINCE DESIGN IS TURNING DIGITAL OUR WORK SHOULD BE ACCESSIBLE ONLINE FOR AGENCIES WHO ARE INTEREST CAN SEE OUR WORK.

Business Cards

As we went around the exhibition I picked up a variety of business cards. A lot of the business cards were just typographical and some had an image from the persons work. Ones that caught my eye had something a little bit special added to them ,Claire Jenks who created her own scratch-card business card called “the graduate lottery” There are 9 panels to scratch off in 8 of them are different skills. She has the 9th had her contact details. I thought this really worked it would get the agency to interact with the business card making it fun and memorable. One card that caught my eye is one by Kirsty Wright she had re-used an old train ticket, she’s thinking about the environment and sustainability which is a major factor at the moment in design. I myself travel to Uni on the train and I never know what to do with my tickets, they just end up at the bottom of my bag. Other did it through humour. one female decided to have a picture of a penis close up as the front of her business card on the back it read, ‘now that I have your attention.’ That would be one card you could spot easily in a pile. Another has got an illustration image of a woman in stockings and suspenders and you lift up her pants and it says ‘please hire me.’ This brings both humour and interactivity together. Jessica Crass has designed a typographic card using mustard and white colours but has added a bit of humour about her surname. Crass id written largely on the front of the card on the back it reads, ‘my name not my nature.’ Just that little something to make you remembered helps I think I certainly noticed it.

One business card had a fake moustache added toi it and underneath the words ‘ideas to smooth your moustache too.’ The back of the card isn’t very exciting but the whole interactive business card with added humour does work. Another card with a use of humour is one by Kayleigh Allen she uses fluorescent ink to print, ‘Another bloody student.’

One University I can’t remember which one had theses as their business cards there’s a barcode on the back which you put in a scanner that brings up the pdf of the person so you can view a variety of their work. There is a card by Lee Lok Neville which I didn’t realise till later was 2 cards in 1. This means a business card has been wasted it’s an easy mistake to make.

Some business cards are created with other materials such as plastic, these also stand out because of its material not what’s on it, is this a good thing?

Most business cards are a regular rectangular size. Others re different shapes and sizes. One was a beer mat which had a design and typeface to match the idea. I really like this one, the only problem was colour as the type in some places isn’;t very legible. Two girls made their business cards that little bit special. One was the colour and feel of an orange peel it’s a shame it didn’t smell like one. She would have had to think about the colours and paper a little bit more than others. Another girl had a  plain card but on the back was that personal touch she had an apple stick stuck at the back with the slogan,’fresh and sweet.’ and the year, this i believe was a great personal touch too it. One girl made her business  card  into a CV it has her contact details, experience skills and qualifications. It’s done to a professional standard.

One university made cards which had the product description and contact description and contact details. The images of the product are photographed well with a description of what it is and for. Finally the sam,e girl who created her business card as a CV had her own pens designed too.

Next Year

To get to the standard of presentation some universities did fundraising for us needs to start asap. We need to think about how to sell ourselves. For my negotiated studies I would like to spend a week or two creating my own identity and create my business cards ready for the design world. I think a book needs to be created too to give out, business cards need to be next to the work not on the table and should be personal.


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