Entyce Student Design Awards

When I arrived at the venue it felt like a really special event it was a really nice hotel. It was nice to see my work up on display with the other competition entries they were all very different. Looking through the variety of different entries was good and I picked out some of the winners from it. There was some really good ideas. My logo design stood out on the exhibition because of the use of colour. The winner of the logo entry was well deserved it really sold the company well because it looked natural. I believe my logo personally didn’t fit with the packaging and looked like something for a child. So I didn’t really answer the brief properly. It worked on the website when i had mocked it up. Some students had collaborated to answer the briefs they had spent a lot of time and effort. Where as I had done it as a quick brief in 5days during reading week. The winners were all strong ideas and I was really pleases for Emily to win the packaging brief. There wasn’t as many entries as I thought there would be. We found out that most of the other students had been given these briefs by their uni lecturers so they had to do it whereas we had found it. It was a great opportunity to see peoples work and meet with people we would be against in the job market.


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