Pes Animation

  Using everyday objects we see and use to make them into a fly and frog. The stop motion is funny and clever. It relates to my animation i made as I had to make it look like the sugar cube was jumping whereas here you can see the paper clip is flying. I wonder how they photographed the clip to make it look like it was flying. I used wire attached to my sugar cube and then photoshopped the photos after to get rid of the wire and it’s shadow

This animation is an interest to me because it’s using a bottle. Which is also something i used n my animation it shows me how you can make a bottle look fresh and clear. Also the movement of the appliances used look effortless.

scrabble must have taken ages to create the number of frames that would have had to be taken to show the movement of the letters etc. A lot of effort was made to do this.

I was introduced to these animations a couple of years ago. As I’ve created my own animation for feel good I decided to revisit theses animations for ideas and inspiration


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