Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy of Unit Editions

Before the talk I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook. We met them in a pub in the printworks in Manchester. They gave us some tips on applying for jobs, interviews, work experience and portfolios.

They told us when applying for a job if the cover letter doesn’t stand out or if there’s any spelling mistakes your application would get ignored. Headers on a cover letter are important.

Create a good pdf of work.

Make yourself indispensable on work experience by being enthusiastic and help out when needed for example making tea, collecting things for them. This will make you more remeberall and even if there’s no jobs going there your going to be more likely to be recommended for other jobs.

A portfolio shouldn’t be in an art case don’t talk about your work. it should show visually what it means. Show them your portfolio don’t show yourself.

Digital skills are extremely important when getting a job.

We then went to the talk at the odeon in the printworks.

Adrian and Tony have set up their own publishing company. Their first publication was called studio culture which shows the insights into studios across the globe, looking at their studio spaces etc. This I found really interesting and I’m going to purchase the book. Their next book that is out in autumn is called supergraphics looking at design in the environment which is something i enjoy.

They recommended some books to read they were:

  • Project Vitra
  • Paul Rand – A Designers Art
  • Typography Today – Hammerschmitt
  • Japan Towards Total Scape
  • Typographie
  • 8VO on the outside – Lars Muller
  • It was a really enjoyable and worthwhile talk.


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