Alan Fletcher Exhibition- Manchester

Described as ‘Britain’s best ever graphic designer’ by the Observer and ‘one of the giants of 20th Century design’ by the Guardian, CUBE Gallery is delighted to announce that a major retrospective of Britain’s most celebrated graphic designer is to be showcased in Manchester.

Alan Fletcher: Fifty years of graphic work (and play) was opened on Thursday 21st January by Peter Saville, who worked with Fletcher at the legendary design practice, Pentagram.

‘Alan was ever-aware that what touched him had the potential to touch others. His open-minded panoramic view of the world always allowed him to see when something was good, regardless of its provenance’, Peter Saville, Creative Director, Manchester.

I went to see Alan Fletcher’s exhibition at the cube in Manchester. It showcased 50years of his work. Alan Fletcher was a typographic based designer, he changed his style with the times which makes his work more remeberall.

I particularly liked his black and white line drawings. His line typography looked simple but striking, I was very drawn to these images even though they were only small. They had an aesthetic appeal to them. His collage typography looked fun and fresh, they worked really well, he’s promoting sustainability by using recycled materials in his designs.

Also showcased with his final pieces was an archive of his ideas and mockups, it was really inspiring to see the way he worked.

One piece of work that really stood out for me was a branding piece that was made out of holes, it was so simple and clean but at the same time it stood out


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