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Kleenex YCN Brief

At the end of my second year we were put into groups for two weeks to do one of this years YCN briefs.As a group we chose the one to get men to buy and use kleenex. Here is my idea.

Here is a story board for an advertisement for Kleenex it’s to persuade young men to use and buy more tissues. It shows two men having a drink in a pub, one goes to the toilet whilst the other knocks over his friends drink he pulls a Kleenex from his pocket and mops it up. He then rings it back into the pint glass just in time as his friend comes back from the toilet who is unaware of what’s happened and takes a mouthful of his pint as his friend smiles to himself.

story-board-finishedI recently went on the YCN website to look at who received commendations for this brief, here they are.

Emma Townley & Howard Barker





Emma Whalley & Jennifer Walls





Andy Griffin




Laura Blackburn





Donatos Sandwich Brief

The brief was to create a fresh sandwich packaging for Donatos an American food chain.


Sandwich Packaging



 This sandwich shows a large area of the sandwich due to it’s large window showing the customer exactly what they are having. The use of green gives it that spring feel which relates to the fact that it’s `spring sandwich of the week`. There is no description of what the sandwich is but does it need that as the window shows you what’s in it. Capital letters are used throughout but as there’s little text on the front it works it would definitely standout more on the shelf. The cardboard packaging makes it easier to recycle. It is a basic triangle box but has been designed to the best intentions of showing the public what’s in their sandwich.



 Parts of the text isn’t legible from far away. The paintbrush swoop makes the sandwich look fun. Colour is co-ordinated to the sandwich. It’s also a triangular box but it opens in a different way creating a dinner plate to use. The window isn’t as big as the EAT box but still shows both sandwiches and you can see whats in them. Nutritional info is on the front which is a plus as now a days people like to know about calories, especially women.


r_eco-friendly_sustainable_sandwich_packagingAn eco-friendly packaging is good because it’s bio-degradable. The problem is that you can’t see the sandwich until you’ve purchased it because it’s packaging surrounds the contents with no plastic window. The image on the packaging is a photo of a sandwich but doesn’t mean the sandwich will look like that. I like the napkin idea as you can put all the information on it. It also looks like you can’t fit a whole sandwich in it.



 This is a way to package a sandwich I haven’t seen before. If you look at it face on you can’t see what is in the sandwich but info is provided. The cherry tomato is a good idea but not everyone likes tomatoes so it could be wasted. There is alot of plastic used which isn’t very green. The stickers don’t realty go with the type on the sandwich box due to it’s colour.













I have looked at Alex Ostrowski website and find it really interesting. His work throughout looks like he’s playing and having fun with his ideas which is great factor to keep after graduating University.

When I got to a stage where I felt my ideas weren’t going anywhere I got inspiration from this years YCN book cover. The use of collage made the book look bright and fun. The brief wasn’t fun at the time and I needed to do something completely different and fun. So i decided to make my own collages using different sorts of paper. I made a rainbow, sun, hill and the sea.  





















Final Board

To print out a final board for the donatos brief was a great success as I had never before got to the print stage in a brief. It might not have been perfect but I met the deadline and had a final print on the wall as asked. Factors I didn’t think about whilst setting out my board was the layout and I didn’t have a description on it to tell the clients what it was about. These factors I have looked at more carefully when setting out my board for future projects.

Caia Park

For professional practice I have been working on a project about caia park a run down area of Wrexham which has a reputation that needs improving. I have been working with fellow graphic designers, illustrators, fine artists and photographer. We have visited 3 primary schools in the area these were St Annes, Gwenfro and Hafod y Wern.

The project is to work with with pupils from years 5 and 6 to reduce criminal damage in the area. We have asked them to draw pictures of what they would like in there area and we are going to create vinyl maps for each school with their images on it.

Last week we spent an hour with each school to discuss what they didn’t like in their area and what they would change it too. They had a lot of ideas which they drew on large pieces of paper, they worked in groups of about 8 and them interacting with each other was good to see as well as their ability to draw and their creativeness.The ideas were from things such as needle bins and dog toilets to roller-coasters and giant trampolines.

Ideas such as:

  • Parks-slides,trampoline,fountain,tree house,climbing frame and big only areas.
  • zoo
  • Horses
  • football pitches
  • PlayStation clubs
  • swimming pool and water-slide
  • Play centre
  • Skate park
  • bmx parks
  • cinema
  • climbing walls
  • castle
  • tennis court
  • cake shop
  • Pet shop
  • police
  • bins
  • golf course
  • theme park
  • rugby pitch
  • needle bins
  • ice cream shop

Initial Ideas

We then went back to uni and drew out maps for each school and also analysed the images.

The following week we spent a whole day at each school. I t was hard work and I have total respect for what teachers do. We structured the days out so that we had half of the group with us in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. We believed it was just about the right amount of time too. We began the day by explaining what we were going to do and then set them off drawing what they would like. We also had a laptop running with a graphics tablet and got them drawing on that too. They were better than I am. We had newspapers and magazines to stimulate their ideas aswell as some bringing their own visuals. I sat down with the pupils to interact with them at their level and doodled away to help them visualise what things looked like. After an hour or so we got them to draw their favourite picture onto a A6 piece of paper and also another piece of paper was handed out and they were asked to write their names. These two images would most probably be used on the vinyl map. After they’d done that we got them one by one to place their image onto the map we drew where they wanted it. 

Here are a few final drawings the children put onto the map.


The next stage was getting onto illustrator to make the image vinyl suitable. I thought this would take longer than expected but when using live trace it worked quite well and took minuets to do.

Final Maps





















Here are a few photos Alison took when we were at St Annes School.




Ditch Cars Brief


You have been approached by the Local Authority to convince the local population to cycle more and use the car less.


Tyre Prints

1.I would place large tyre prints onto cars to show what they’re doing to the environment and then compare them with bike tyres.

2. Tyre prints of cars preferably 4×4’s and bikes on a world map to show parents in 4×4’s what they’re doing to the environment and there children’s future.

3.Taking photos of people pretending they’re riding the bike lane bike and create a website that could include the photos with peoples experiences on bikes etc.

I chose to carry on with the tyre prints over car idea. I made my own tyre prints using a bike and car tyre and rolling them onto paper. They came out well and I decided to scan them in and place them onto cars this didn’t work too well as I rushed the images on photoshop so i decided to photocopy them onto accetate, place them on cars and take photos of them to show their diversity.



If I would do this brief again I would play around more with my ideas. I was too busy thinking about one idea, which I never ended up doing anything with anyway. I feel like I could of gone further with my idea with the tyre prints. All I’ve done is put tyre prints on my car it doesn’t show the idea at it’s best. Maybe if I had it on flyer’s to put on cars when they’re parked outside schools or put a sticker of the print across the windscreen with perhaps a web address. There needs to be more to the campaign., I took too much time on my ideas instead of playing around with them. The typography workshop we did I really enjoyed learning that you can create your type ideas on paper then create the idea on illustrator but I think my ruffs look more interesting. The only thing was, was that I never really did any type for the campaign I would have liked to make the carbon tyre footprints and put them on cars on school runs too see how they’d react to it. I think I worried about having two briefs going at the same time, I know it’ll happen in the industry. I need to sort out my time management.

Free Love Brief


Free culture is everywhere. business is currently offering lots of ways you can sign up for something for FREE.

  • Free Phones
  • Free Subscriptions
  • Free Airline Seats
  • Free Software
  • Free Music

However its your task to promote LOVE. For Free.

There are no brand guidelines

There is no background

There is no defined target audience

There is a creative requirement. Its simple.Have fun. Spread Love

This was a team based brief, I was in a team of three myself, Lucy and Sean.

We looked at Love slogans such as

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve
  • She loves me she loves me not
  • Love is blind
  • All you need is love

We created several ideas to go with these slogans but never selected them to go any further.

Jammie Dodgers

I bought a pack of mini Jammie dodgers and made a type face out of them and captured people taking them. I believed this was the stronger idea out of everything we’d done. So I thought about giving out the Jammie dodger as a keep sake. So out of fimo Plasticine we made Jammie dodger badges these were then pinned up on the notice board at uni in a typeface. In about an hour of them being pinned up they had gone, i enjoyed seeing people wearing something i had made and checking back every so often to see how many had gone.

jammie dodger badgen705755191_5188470_57261



During the first week all three of us were in Uni working on our ideas together but in the last week for different reasons I only saw both Lucy and Sean once before we gave out our free love Jammie dodger badges. we knew we were going to be making a hand make keepsake for our free love. When Adam came too see the group I was the only person present the time and he liked my Jammie dodger type face idea that id done earlier so I decided to carry on with that idea and play around with it. Because no one was there to discuss it with I decided to take it on board and keep the idea going without Lucy and Sean consent because of them not being there. Lucy and me kept in contact throughout being unwell but I never got in contact with  he wasn’t in and and he never got hold of me either. I should of pushed it a bit more. Our lack of communication didn’t help at all.I should of let them no my idea even though they weren’t present. If I could do it again I would take the jammy dodgers into a larger scale andlocation. My research I did was poor compared to the other stages of the brief I didn’t spend a lot of time researching anything I was too busy with ideas and concepts. I would of liked to experiment more with our ideas like the stamp idea. If I was good with action script I would have loved to create a stamp if you love them application for something like facebook. I enjoyed playing around with typography during the brief. The Jammie dodger badges were fun to make and to watch peoples reactions when they took them and wore them. It felt good to see that they wanted to wear them. Lack of communication didn’t help us but the end conclusion worked and I enjoyed doing it. When i work in a group again more group meetings and communication will be needed to succeed.