Along Came Baby

21st May 2009 I applied for a placement with go wales here is the information about the application.

Along Came Baby Ltd is seeking a graduate or student from a Graphic Design related degree.  The project for this placement is to apply their creative flair to a small but dynamic company and push forward the product image by creating a database.  The database will hold the product and marketing images for the use on the company’s website and print catalogue.  The candidate must be creative and be able to apply ideas into new and exciting projects.

Who the placement is with?

Along Came Baby Ltd is based in Wrexham and specialises in various baby products to sell and meet clients needs.  Most of their sales are generated through their website and printed catalogues.  


What will you be doing?

This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for a creative individual; you will be able to apply your design skills to an interesting project.  The project will involve the use of product images and to create a database of product and marketing images.  To be able to then use this database of images to link into the company’s website and printed catalogue.  Whilst also organising data and creating new images to emphasize the product range for the business.

  • Expected Outcomes Outcome:
    At the end of the placement, you will have used your creative skills in bringing together the use of a database of images pushing forward the products. The project will have given you experience and a portfolio of which you will be able to use for future jobs. You would have improved your skills and be able to demonstrate experience of working within a team. Also, you would have gained a good insight in a business environment.
  • Other Requirements

Other Skills:

Adobe Photoshop, Ms Word, PowerPoint, Outlook general IT skills needed.  You will to be approachable, be able to work in a team and own your own initiative. 

I received feedback off the go wales team saying that my CV wasn’t strong enough to pass on to the company, i had tried to make it more aesthetic instead of my skills. Si I redesigned my CV and it was accepted. I received an email to go for an interview but I was on holiday. Luckily as soon as I got back I was offered an interview. I dressed formally and arrived on time to the interview. I thought that it had gone really well my experience in retail was a bonus. I was then given a brief to do it was a postcard to put in the catalogue with offers on.

I went for the blue and pink colours from the along came baby logo. I was going to use the colours of the bright products but went with the safer route.


I believe I didn’t spend a lot of time on this project I was working at the time and only spent a few hours on the project. I should have thought about it before going onto screen.


MOS Mandalas

Joss from the third year today needed help to create a Ministry of Sound Mandalas for her brief. Me and Emily gave her our help. She had different things to create it which were flowers and spices. She had created it based on the ministry of sound logo as the brief was to Create exciting and innovative applications of the Ministry of Sound logo. The aroma of the flowers made it that little bit nicer. It was fun to do but took longer than Joss expected.

We started pulling petals off flowers too use for it.




























We then used the flowers to create a mandalas Joss designed.





































































































































































Here is the finished Mandalas we then got students to walk all over it because that’s what happens to them in their cultural environment.





































































































Creative Futures Week

JP Creative

The first talk I went to was by Paul Roberts he helped you realise what the design industry is like and how you need to stand out to get noticed. He told us to learn about the agencies your applying for and relate your work to the designer. To get their attention perhaps find a novel creative mailer to send to agencies. He advised us to get experience and have a quality portfolio. The shift of design is going to digital so experience with web design is essential. Also bullet pointed what you should or might be asked in an interview such as What interests you about the company and why should we hire you?

This was a very helpful insight into applying for jobs and getting noticed in the design industry.

The next talk I went to was Gareth a ex student from the art school who had been in the design industry for a few months, it was great to learn from him what it’s like the first year out of university. He also gave great tips on how to get noticed and gave us a list of design blogs that I found interesting.

I then went to a talk by Steve Rooke who has worked for various companies such as J Walter Thompson. He explained the key points he wished he’d been told before going into the industry. Work is always feast or famine you always get too much or too little. Don’t be too precious about your work. Ask questions about the brief you are given.











Deconstructing Visual Research





















 I love playing tetris so as i saw this on ffffound i thought it was a brilliant installation piece. These were placed in alley ways and are light boxes so at night they create a completely different effect. I would of loved to have walked through the alley , you just feel like joining them together and play giant tetris. Would it look as good if they were piled up of one another lit up? The colours are really effective.

Donatos Sandwich Brief

The brief was to create a fresh sandwich packaging for Donatos an American food chain.


Sandwich Packaging



 This sandwich shows a large area of the sandwich due to it’s large window showing the customer exactly what they are having. The use of green gives it that spring feel which relates to the fact that it’s `spring sandwich of the week`. There is no description of what the sandwich is but does it need that as the window shows you what’s in it. Capital letters are used throughout but as there’s little text on the front it works it would definitely standout more on the shelf. The cardboard packaging makes it easier to recycle. It is a basic triangle box but has been designed to the best intentions of showing the public what’s in their sandwich.



 Parts of the text isn’t legible from far away. The paintbrush swoop makes the sandwich look fun. Colour is co-ordinated to the sandwich. It’s also a triangular box but it opens in a different way creating a dinner plate to use. The window isn’t as big as the EAT box but still shows both sandwiches and you can see whats in them. Nutritional info is on the front which is a plus as now a days people like to know about calories, especially women.


r_eco-friendly_sustainable_sandwich_packagingAn eco-friendly packaging is good because it’s bio-degradable. The problem is that you can’t see the sandwich until you’ve purchased it because it’s packaging surrounds the contents with no plastic window. The image on the packaging is a photo of a sandwich but doesn’t mean the sandwich will look like that. I like the napkin idea as you can put all the information on it. It also looks like you can’t fit a whole sandwich in it.



 This is a way to package a sandwich I haven’t seen before. If you look at it face on you can’t see what is in the sandwich but info is provided. The cherry tomato is a good idea but not everyone likes tomatoes so it could be wasted. There is alot of plastic used which isn’t very green. The stickers don’t realty go with the type on the sandwich box due to it’s colour.













I have looked at Alex Ostrowski website and find it really interesting. His work throughout looks like he’s playing and having fun with his ideas which is great factor to keep after graduating University.

When I got to a stage where I felt my ideas weren’t going anywhere I got inspiration from this years YCN book cover. The use of collage made the book look bright and fun. The brief wasn’t fun at the time and I needed to do something completely different and fun. So i decided to make my own collages using different sorts of paper. I made a rainbow, sun, hill and the sea.  





















Final Board

To print out a final board for the donatos brief was a great success as I had never before got to the print stage in a brief. It might not have been perfect but I met the deadline and had a final print on the wall as asked. Factors I didn’t think about whilst setting out my board was the layout and I didn’t have a description on it to tell the clients what it was about. These factors I have looked at more carefully when setting out my board for future projects.

Type in context

I was looking on FFFFOUND and found these images of type in context. You don’t have to read the type to realise what it is as it show you what it is by the way it’s presented such as the “FALL” one is falling over and the “ANTS” are a trail of ants. It’s a fun way of making type.5a9171b7e1bde08217847acecaab2d6a741b2f02_m


























































These examples of type in context reminds me of my glow stick type face I created at the beginning of year two.G


Google Maps Typography

I was looking on www.typetheory.com and saw this image from Rhett Dashwood who in his spair time from Oct 08 and April 09 searched google maps to find letterforms out of buildings and landforms. The image below is an alphabet from buildings and landforms from Victoria in Australia.



This relates to something I did in Berlin last October I went to the top of the TV tower and took photos of the city and found letterforms out of the buildings here area a few examples:

Berin GBerlin D










Berlin EBerlin E2









Berlin F






Berlin H







Berlin J









Berlin LBerlin P









Berlin V


Berlin W

Kleenex Ads

We have been put into groups to look at a YCN brief from this years competition. We decided to look at the Kleenex brief that wanted to get men 15-29 to use and buy Kleenex.

 Whilst on the train coming to Uni I found this in the metro newspaper. One one side of the double page spread is the swine flu advert the other is a advert for kleenex anti viral kleenex. A perfect way to advertise the two things without wasting a whole page advertising it. The two relate to one another what with the Swine Flu epidemic across the globe and the fact that they kill cold and flu viruses help sell the tissues.  They mirror one another. Showing that it kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses the 99.9% is in a larger point size than the rest of the text.



Looking at getting mens attention Rachel gave me this that her brother was sent by the RAF recruitment. It is a leaflet with a condom attached to it, the type read, “Contents individual protection equipment or emergency water carrier .” on the envelope and when you open it it says, “Apply to weapon when on manoeuvres, Place in sock and fill with water to create emergency water carrier.” These phrases are something you wouldn’t normally relate with the use of a condom.  On the back of the leaflet is a description of when someone used a condom to protect a burn on a soldiers hand. It is in a hand written font to make it sound and look more personal as if the soldier is writing to the possible new recruit. Below this is a bullet pointed list of what the military use  a condom for which completley takes sex out of the agenda, and you become interested by the information provided as you to visualise how it would work.


Kleenex Kitchen Tissue





















































Because I had an idea about kleenex and absorption these adverts by JWT Beijing for Kleenex kitchen tissues are a good example. The images have no text but you can tell what it means that the kitchen roll is good at absorbing liquid. It shows different liquids being poured onto the tissue and the image on the tissue is the thing it would normally get poured onto or into. It’s a good way to show absorption and is very legible even without text. It looks like it was fun to create using liquids such as coffee and olive oil to create illustrations.


 These were designed by JWT Australia it’s a humorous advertisement where women are moaning about men not putting a new toilet roll on the holder. 

It shows different bathroom walls with a toilet roll that is empty on it. The bathrooms, toilet roll holders and typography are all different for each poster. It is taking everyday situations what women moan to men about and put it into the situation.





































Here is a ad for Nazol nasal spray that I found on adsoftheworld.com

The advertisement looks as if it’s printed on tissue paper which could be recycled to blow your nose.



Mens Beauty Advertisements